2 April 2018

It's that time of year again when the passionate croaking of the frogs seems to herald in the welcome springtime, and then before you know it, snow has returned and the frogspawn is encased and jewelled in ice!

Here's a photo of a new batch of frogspawn clumps found in my own pond a few days ago. To celebrate this I've illustrated a brand new graphic showing the life cycle of the common frog.
And, I'm making it available FREE here as a downloadable colouring in poster. 

So please feel free to grab yourself copies for home or the classroom and start colouring and learning all about the remarkable journey that the little frogs go through to reach adulthood. Only around two in every one thousand eggs will actually make it to a one year old froglet!

And here's also just the adult frog illustration for colouring too. Please remember that these are for non-commercial purposes - the artwork is strictly copyright and may not be used commercially, thank you.

 I would very much like to see any coloured in drawings and if you would like to Tweet them I'll post them on here in a froggy gallery. @paulhotfrog

Remember that there are lots of other foggy features on my blogs, and lots of froggy merchandise and gifts on my Zazzle shop. Here are some of the links ...

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