9 January 2018

Title image for the magic ladybug card trick

To coincide with the launch of my brand new Zazzle range of
Ladybug birthday party cards and invites ...
Here are some free, brand new, magic games and puzzles to really get your Ladybug themed party buzzing.
Here's the simple preparation ...
You will need - 2 clear matching wallets A5 is perfect
(or download and print these cards bigger to fit A4 clear wallets)
you'll also need printer, scissors and glue.

CARD A                              CARD C
downloadable artwork for ladybug magic trick cards

downloadable artwork for ladybug magic trick cards

Print all 3 cards A, B and C onto strong white paper, or better still, onto white card.
Trim out card A and slip it into wallet no.1
Trim out card C (don't put it into the 2nd wallet just yet)
Magic ladybug card trick instruction graphic 1

Card B - cut out both magic ladybug logos and 3 of the black spots (the 4th black spot is a spare)
Stick 2 of the black spots onto the ladybug picture (card C) in the position as shown on the instructions above.
Now slip card C into wallet no.2 and then stick the 3rd black spot onto the OUTSIDE of this wallet to match up with the 2 on the inside, as shown on instructions above.

Stick the first magic ladybug logo onto the OUTSIDE of the 1st wallet, directly over the black spot (which is on card A inside).

Finally, turn over card C and stick the 2nd logo onto the OUTSIDE of the wallet to cover the 3rd black spot (on the other side). Tip - you can match up the position better if you slip card C out of the wallet whilst you position and stick the logo.

This is how the two cards in their wallets should look ...
Magic ladybug card trick instruction graphic 1

As with all the best magic you need to practice, but this is one of the easier tricks to perfect.
Show your audience the the front of card A and the matching back of card C and say, "here I have 2 very special Magic Ladybug cards".
Now turn over card C and say "On this card there is a lovely big red ladybug, and she has 3 magic black spots"
Turn over card A saying "and this card is blank". 
Show the totally blank card and then slide it out of the wallet and keep it face down.
Now turn over card C to show the back and slide it out of the wallet and place it face down on top of card A.

Now it's up to you to say something along the lines of ... "This Ladybug has magic spots and if you don't believe me watch this!"
Then you can flick the back of card C, or blow on it, or tap it with your magic wand (if you have one) and say loudly "hey presto!" or "Abracadabra!" or whatever your favourite magic spell.
Slowly turn over card C to reveal that one spot has amazingly disappeared.
Turn over card A to show that the spot has jumped magically onto this previously blank card!!

Well done, you've performed the amazing magic spots trick.
Once you've understood and perfected it you'll be able to add a few other flourishes to your performance.
And as with all the best tricks - keep the magic secret and don't reveal how you've performed it.
Watch out for more magic and games on this blog.
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